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Publications & Research

The Institute’s mission includes research to benefit the field of outdoor theatre.  We have conducted national attendance surveys since 1965, and the surveys have expanded to include information such as operating budgets, ticket sales and detailed marketing budgets. The data is aggregated by a professional statistician and organized by type of theatre as well as in an overview of the entire industry.

Additional research includes surveys of audiences, white papers on best practices in outdoor theatre, and research conducted for groups of member theatres about issues of concern to them.

Public Reports

2013 Master Attendance/Budget Data

2013 Audience Opinions Survey

Member Only Reports

2013 Comprehensive Attendance Report

2013 Master Shakespeare Theatre Data

2013 Master History Drama Data

2013 Master Religious Drama Data

2013 Master Variety Theatre Data

Shakespeare Facilities Survey, Ownership & Costs (January 2013)

Speaker presentations from past conferences are posted here and available to all site visitors.

Customer Service by Lisa Middleton (October 2012)

Affordable Care Act (October 2013)

Trends in Social Media (October 2013)

IOT White Papers address different aspects of theatre management and best practices for outdoor theatres. Members who may be interested in contributing to this series should contact the IOT office at 252-328-2467.

Maximizing Ticket Revenue

Creating a Special Events Revenue Center

Sustainable Practices in Outdoor Theatre

Corporate Sponsorship and Naming Rights